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Hands-On Digital Marketing Education

Novela's AI-powered digital marketing simulations empower learners to navigate true-to-life interfaces, make real-world decisions, and gain immediate feedback.

Real-world scenarios

AI-powered feedback

Climb the Leaderboard


"Novela digital marketing simulations really bring the topic to life for students.


Their platform is easy to use, robust and my students love it.


The team is extremely responsive and they couldn't make things any easier for me as an educator.


A highly recommended platform."

Daniel Rowles

Programme Director

Our Philosophy

Novela is built on the principle that deep understanding of basics leads to mastering complexity. Our simulations are designed for users to apply fundamental digital marketing concepts and immediately see the results.


This encourages strategic thought, an essential skill in a world increasingly influenced by AI. No wonder we have a 4.9/5 user satisfaction score and 100% of users would recommend us


Real-World Scenarios

Navigate authentic digital marketing interfaces complete with a dynamic auction engine and real-world data. Immerse yourself in compelling narratives that turn digital marketing challenges into engaging learning adventures.

Intelligent Analytics

Our digital marketing tutor, Ela, uses advanced algorithms to provide real-time, context-sensitive advice and feedback, ensuring that you not only understand the 'how' but also the 'why' behind each decision.

Playful Learning

People learn more when they are safe to try something new. Novela is a playful place for fearless experimentation and deeper learning. The Novela leaderboard encourages some healthy competition.

Novela is for


Ditch the PowerPoint and engage students with interactive, AI-driven simulations.


Check out our educator guide here!


Level up your team's skills with hands-on training and actionable feedback

Independent Learners

Dive into real-world scenarios without real-world risks

Trusted By Leading Institutions

Our innovative approach to digital marketing simulations has earned us the trust and support of industry leaders worldwide.

What Our Educators and Learners Say

"I could not have been more thrilled when I discovered the Novela marketing simulation. It is highly realistic, using the frameworks and data that marketers use at work, and there are unlimited practice opportunities!"

Senior Learning Designer, United States

"It's a win-win: Novela provides all the supporting materials I need for the class and it integrates with my syllabus. It also delivers exceptional learning impact. Less prep time, more effective classes."

Business School Professor, Ireland

"The highlight of our marketing course was the Novela Marketing simulation. It made us think deeply about our customer and taught us the best way to set up effective campaigns. I loved it!"

Bachelor's in Business Administration (BBA) student, United Kingdom

Experience the future of active learning with Novela's AI-powered digital marketing simulations.

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