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Novela for Educators

Tailored for educators at all levels—from undergraduate and postgraduate (MBA, MSc) courses to executive education—Novela marketing simulations offer a unique tool to enhance your teaching, captivate your students, and seamlessly blend academic theory with real-world practice.

Undergraduate (BSc, BBA):
Laying the Foundations and Igniting Curiosity

  • Marketing Modules: Integrate Novela digital marketing simulations to give students a hands-on experience in applying marketing principles, consumer psychology, and market segmentation strategies in real-world scenarios with real-world data. Our challenges are all based on the experiences of senior digital marketers at companies including Burberry and Estée Lauder.

  • Business Analytics: Use Novela's data-driven simulations to teach students how to interpret and act on marketing analytics, enhancing their decision-making skills. Our dashboards are used by professors to bring dynamic analytics data to the classroom, encouraging students to make decisions and optimize campaigns. 

  • Business & Entrepreneurship: Incorporate Novela simulations into business modules to help students understand the role of strategic marketing in startup success. Our simulations provide practical insights into identifying market opportunities, understanding customer needs, and crafting compelling value propositions.

  • Hult International Business School uses Novela simulations in marketing, analytics, and entrepreneurship classes as part of the BBA program. This has led to improved student performance in post-simulation evaluations and very positive student feedback. As one student said, "I just wish more of our classes were like this!"


Postgraduate (MSc, MBA): 
Developing Strategic Thinking

  • Strategic Marketing Courses: Elevate your MSc and MBA classes by integrating simulations that demand strategic thinking, market analysis, and the application of complex marketing models, preparing students for high-level marketing roles. After playing Novela, they'll have a deep understanding of everything from keyword research to social media creative strategy.

  • Advanced Analytics: Deepen the analytical skills of your postgraduate students with simulations that delve into metrics, KPIs, and ROI analysis, essential for data-driven marketing strategies.

  • Digital Marketing Specializations: Offer an immersive experience in digital marketing landscapes, from search engine marketing strategies to social media campaigns, equipping students with the skills needed in today's digital-first world.

Draw inspiration from Imperial College London and University College Dublin, where Novela's simulations have been incorporated into the MSc and MBA curriculum, enhancing students' strategic and analytical digital marketing skills


Executive Education Courses

  • Digital Marketing Courses (Online and Offline): Novela's simulations are perfectly suited for executive education programs, offering seasoned professionals an opportunity to update their marketing skills, understand emerging trends, and apply strategic insights in a risk-free environment.

  • Real-World Relevance for Senior Managers: For senior managers looking to stay ahead of the curve, Novela's simulations offer insights into the latest digital marketing trends and strategies. The simulations provide a deep dive into advanced topics such as data-driven decision-making, market segmentation, and digital campaign optimization, all crucial for maintaining a competitive edge in the market.

  • Immediate Applicability: One of the key benefits of Novela's marketing simulations for executive learners is the immediate applicability of the concepts covered. The simulations are designed to reflect current market scenarios and challenges, allowing participants to translate their learnings directly into actionable strategies in their own business contexts.

  • Columbia Business School uses Novela simulations to teach core marketing concepts in the Digital Marketing Strategies course.

  • For the second half of this course, learners have access to Novela and can apply theoretical frameworks in a real-world environment. Our user satisfaction score of 4.96/5 suggests executive-level learners enjoy this access to practical simulations with detailed feedback. 

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How Novela Fits into Your Syllabus

Novela's simulations are designed with flexibility in mind, allowing for easy integration into existing curricula. Each simulation covers essential marketing concepts, such as the 7 P's of marketing, consumer psychology, segmentation, targeting, positioning (STP), digital marketing strategies, and analytics.

A Novela user license provides the student with unlimited access to the chosen Search Marketing or Social Media simulation. This open discovery is critical for self-directed learning and improvement. Our AI feedback guides the user towards the learning outcomes, a key advantage over other marketing simulations.

What's more, Novela requires minimal preparation time for professors - it's a "win-win", as one of our MSc educators said! We'll provide teaching notes, lesson plans, in-class guides, and full technical support for the duration of your classes. 


Educators can use Novela to:

  • Complement Theoretical Lessons: Use marketing simulations to reinforce theoretical concepts, providing practical examples and applications.

  • Assess Students' Knowledge Retention: Employ simulations as a form of assessment, evaluating students' ability to apply marketing concepts in realistic scenarios. In the AI and ChatGPT age, our educators are finding this increasingly appealing!

  • Enhance Individual Learning Paths: Allow students to explore specific areas of interest or delve deeper into complex marketing strategies. This personalized approach supports varied learning styles and paces, ensuring each student can maximize their potential.

Get in touch to bring Novela's active learning to your classroom!

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