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Novela and University College Dublin: Pioneering the Future of Digital Marketing Education

We are excited to announce a dynamic new partnership between Novela and University College Dublin, a leading light in higher education. This collaboration marks a significant step forward, as we introduce the Novela Search Marketing simulation to UCD's Master's courses in Digital Marketing starting in 2024.

A Union of Vision and Innovation

University College Dublin, renowned for its comprehensive and innovative approach to education, is now joining forces with Novela to redefine digital marketing training. UCD's commitment to academic excellence and practical learning aligns perfectly with Novela's cutting-edge educational technology.

Experience-Based Learning at UCD

The integration of Novela’s search marketing simulation into UCD's curriculum provides students with a unique, hands-on experience in digital marketing. Our interactive platform allows students to engage with real-life challenges, make strategic decisions based on live data, and see the results of their actions in a controlled, simulated environment.

Why Choose Novela?

Novela is at the forefront of experiential learning in digital marketing. Our platform transcends conventional teaching methods, offering a rich, play-to-learn environment that is both captivating and informative. With Novela Search, students are empowered to develop practical digital marketing skills in a safe, dynamic setting, preparing them for the real-world complexities of the marketing industry. Professors are using Novela to teach core principles of marketing within multiple courses already today.

Shaping the Future of Digital Marketing Education

This partnership with University College Dublin is more than just a collaboration; it's a commitment to nurturing the next generation of digital marketing professionals. By incorporating Novela's simulations, UCD demonstrates its dedication to offering an educational experience that is not only rigorous but also highly relevant to the demands of today's digital world.

Stay tuned for further announcements as we launch Novela at University College Dublin.

The evolution of marketing education continues: interactive, experiential, and at the forefront of innovation.

Curious to see Novela in action? Book your demo now and join the ranks of leading academic institutions in providing top-tier, hands-on marketing education.

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