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You're Invited! Webinar with Rx Islam from Jellyfish, Friday 26th April

Updated: Apr 22

Join us for "Educating the AI-Enabled Marketer: What’s New in Digital Marketing Training?," where we dive into the world of digital skills training in the AI age with Rx Islam, Senior Director of Training at Jellyfish!

The webinar will take place on Friday 26th April, 10am ET / 2pm UTC / 3pm BST.

Sign up for free here:

What You'll Take Away:

  • The Evolving Role of Training in Digital Marketing: How digital marketing training programs are adapting to include AI and machine learning. Understand the strategic role of training in equipping marketers with the necessary skills to leverage AI effectively in their campaigns.

  • Defining the New Skill Sets for AI-Enabled Marketers: We will outline the critical skills that modern digital marketers need in an AI-enhanced environment, including data analytics, machine learning applications, and AI-driven content strategies. Learn what makes these skills essential and how they differ from traditional marketing skills.

  • Using AI to Enhance Training Efficiency: Discover innovative ways AI is being used to streamline training processes. From personalized learning experiences to the use of virtual reality for immersive learning, see how AI can make training more effective and engaging.

  • Practical Examples of AI in Action: Gain insights from real-world examples where AI tools have successfully enhanced digital marketing strategies and training. Discuss case studies that demonstrate the practical application and results of AI in current marketing practices.

  • Preparing for a Future Driven by AI: Look ahead at the future trends in digital marketing and AI. We’ll discuss how to prepare marketing teams for upcoming changes and the continuous evolution of AI technology in marketing, ensuring your organization remains at the cutting edge.

Who Should Attend:

This webinar is ideal for HR professionals, digital training coordinators, educators, and marketing leaders interested in integrating more AI-focused strategies into their training programs and equipping their teams with the advanced skills required for success in the digital age.

Reserve your spot today and be part of shaping the future of digital marketing education!

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