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Novela in the News: Econsultancy Interviews

Clark Boyd, CEO and Co-Founder of Novela, has been featured in two insightful articles on Econsultancy, delving into the future of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising, generative AI, and the looming 'cookiepocalypse.'

Generative AI's Role in Paid Search Marketing

In the first article, "PPC trends: the role of generative AI in paid search," Clark discusses the transformative potential of generative AI in search marketing. "Marketing leaders are experimenting with generative AI right now to find ways to increase efficiency and improve campaign performance," says Clark. "However, few have found ways to integrate the tech into a new way of working yet."

Clark elaborates on how marketers are leveraging AI for A/B testing, keyword list development, and automating data analysis, thereby opening a realm of possibilities for modern-day marketing strategies.

The 'Cookiepocalypse' and its Impact on PPC Strategy

The second feature, "PPC trends: the ‘cookiepocalypse’ and its impact on paid search strategy," delves into the challenges and opportunities posed by Google's decision to phase out third-party cookies. "The big question for marketers here relates to both effectiveness and transparency," Clark states. He also questions whether Google's new Topics can strike a balance between privacy and performance, a concern that has been on marketers' minds.

Novela: Leading the Charge in Simulation-Based Learning

Both articles underscore Novela's commitment to staying ahead of the curve in the fast-paced world of digital marketing. Our interactive, simulation-based learning platform equips professionals with the skills they need to navigate these complex and ever-changing landscapes.

Further Reading

For a more in-depth look at these topics, be sure to check out the full articles on Econsultancy's website:

We're excited about these features and even more thrilled to continue contributing to the dialogue around the future of digital marketing. Stay tuned for more insights, updates, and features!

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